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lady luck apologises for the way she's been behaving...

...if you don't want to know her, she'll understand

She Who Must Not Be Named
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a million to one. the lady. she who must not be named. say her name and you lose her (look for her and you'll never find her), but there's a chance she'll be there when you least expect it.

(the lady appears in the colour of magic, interesting times, and the last hero, but really she's quite omnipresent...thus she is pulled from thud!).

vivid green eyes.there is one thing to be certain: everyone knows what she looks like, though most find it hard to describe immediately her appearance if they've seen her, beyond her vast, emerald green eyes and the fact that she is stunningly beautiful. and beauty, means many things to many people.

to be certain, she has physical form, and is a woman of slightly taller than average height, with wild dark hair, perfect teeth and smile that both unnerves people and relaxes them.

a mix bag of things.
arrived on the island with:

    x One jade green coat with a wide collar that falls to her calves
    x One long white dress, greek in style
    x One pair of cordouroy breeches, burgundy
    x One pair of clogs, made of wooden
    x Gold filagree, holding and fitting the dress
    x One pearl necklace
    x Four charm bracelets, in various states
    x Eight rubber bands
    x One very long piece of grey string
    x Seven rings of various sorts

    x one carpet bag which contains:
      x one carpet bag which contains:
      x one leather bag filled with an assortment of 224 dice
      x half a chess set, made of stone
      x playing cards, totalling to roughly six and half decks (mismatched)
      x 17 four leaf clovers
      x three rabbits foots
      x one pigs foot
      x one gold dice cup
      x a brick of cheese (gouda)
      x eight postage stamps
      x one horn of some animal (origins unknown)
      x one knit stocking cap with tassel
      x a watch (broken)
      x one ornate silver hand mirror
      x five wishbones
      x a pinch of salt
      x a piece of wood
      x a stone carving of an elephant
      x a bag of coins (all with just heads)
      x one frog (alive) named Gershwin
      x one butterfly (black and yellow) (also alive) named Stanton
      x one leather riding crop
      x a bag of coffee beans from Klatch
      x one "Music With Rocks In" tee shirt
      x a wooden box containing one set of "figurines" (formerly mobile, now...not, and including, but not limited to):
        x Rincewind
        x Moist von Lipwig
        x Ponder Stibbons
        xx Rupert de Worde (retired, but kept for nostalgia)
        x Ned Coates (in nearly prestine condition)
        x Sacharissa Cripslock
        x Twoflower
        x Carrot Ironfoundersson
        x Sgt. Polly Perks
        x Samuel Vimes
        x Mortimer

    never sacrifice. this is not the lady, as she belongs to terry prachett (who is a god himself). nor is it jennifer connelly as she belongs to herself. this is for fun @ Tabula Rasa

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