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She Who Must Not Be Named

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(no subject) [Dec. 10th, 2017|12:09 am]
She Who Must Not Be Named
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(no subject) [Aug. 14th, 2008|08:20 pm]
She Who Must Not Be Named
There were some things that Nick should have learned to anticipate during his time on the island.

This? This was not one of them.

He'd woken up as a kid, he'd woken up to Greg turned into a girl, he'd woken up curled up to a Karen that wasn't Karen at all.

But somehow he didn't actually thing that he'd wake up in an unfamiliar hut, with an unfamiliar body, and girl parts. That part was definitely, definitely not good.

So, of course, he spent a good amount of time freaking out. And when he thought he was done freaking out, well, he freaked out some more. Eventually, he calmed down enough to investigate his surroundings -- and by surroundings, he meant the hut; he very happily stayed clothed for the time being, thanks much -- and realized that this lady, whoever she was, was probably some sort of obsessive-compulsive serial killer or something, given her scarily accurate rendering of the island and its inhabitants. He had the urge to pick things up and play with them, but something stopped him. He figured maybe he shouldn't touch.

Nick wandered around the hut, getting his bearings. And, okay, he had another little freak-out over the fact that there was a goddamn elephant in the hut.

He had to get out of the hut, he realized. He had to get out and find his body and make sure some crazy person wasn't in it. Nick didn't bother to change out of the pajamas he'd woken up in -- he was kind of wary of getting naked in some girl's body, really -- and just left the hut, heading towards Karen's.

The elephant followed him.

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[workshop, 100 sentences] [Dec. 9th, 2007|05:52 am]
She Who Must Not Be Named

best kiss you've never hadCollapse )
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Voice Post [Sep. 16th, 2007|04:03 pm]
She Who Must Not Be Named
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[item inventory] wheel of fortune. [Aug. 15th, 2007|02:44 am]
She Who Must Not Be Named
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On 15 August, The Lady recieved her item which is The Wheel of Fortune.

At approximately 14.463 feet in diameter (not metres, it's her fault they didn't catch on in the first place), it is made of very hard, very shiny wood [what sort of wood, it is for her to know and better if one never tells], and mostly resembles a very fine roulette table, except the sides are engraved and carved in languages and patterns that are very creepy and very pretty.

It is also about two thirds of a metre thick, and stands to be about four feet in height.

Several of the slots [where the balls/things that are where Fortunes rest are tested] are movable to reveal hidden compartments which contain certain things. These things are:
    x one 2L bottle of very fine vodka, stored next to one very fine ruby martini glass
    x one diamond necklace
    x three Tarot decks
    x 42 ping pong balls
    x one chia pet [in the shape of a hamster]
    x 2 lbs of Belgian chocolate (dark)
    x 32 cigarettes (slims, unfiltered); holder unattached.
    x one contract (unsigned) for one man's soul.
    x six love letters (in the same messy handwriting)
    x 7 mice (2 white, 3 grey, 1 black, 1 spotted)
    x one road map of Manchester
    x one Very Thick, Very Important Book of Fortune (tabbed, indexed cross-referenced and all that stuff).
    x one black and white photo of a man and a woman.

Oh yes, and the table works. Very well.
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[discplot] diners, dashing, and falling anvils [May. 28th, 2007|01:49 am]
She Who Must Not Be Named
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Existence is a vast and complicated place. No honestly, it is. Things get lost, misplaced, often dropped, shoved into pockets and never seen again. Whole universes go missing, and when they reappear, they’re covered in lint. This place is no exception1.

On first inspection, it is a diner. All vinyl covered booths that are shades like teal and maroon, the fabric has definitely seen it’s better days (don’t ask what that stain is, you don’t really want to know), and the entire place has a distinctive smell2. Behind the counter, there is a very grumpy, disgruntled looking waitress3, who has definitely seen her better days (or maybe not), and it’s not empty.

No. There are people passed out all over the place. But this is not new. Hardly.

Doris is not pleased. Jimmy Hoffa and Elvis are in the corner, playing a very animated game of bloody knuckles, and a bell rings suggesting someone’s order is up. A horse neighs and it may or may not be the Trojan Horse in the corner. It’s just better not to ask.

But alas, the Hostess with the Mostest4 is nowhere to be found. This is hardly a surprise. While this is her ‘home’5, she’s probably off terrorizing, losing and winning or at the very least, changing her shoes.

The double doors swing open with a flourish.

Ah, there she is. Figures she’d take her time.

Doris rolls her eyes. Jimmy Hoffa loses.

It’s just another day.

She laughs. It sounds like dice. Her hands clap, and eyes glitter.

“Now, who wants eggs?”

1. It is if anything the rule.
2. Motor oil, lament, and just hint of overdone eggs. In essence, it smells like Reno.
3. Doris. She talks to you.
4. She Who Cannot Be Named, Who Can Never Be Named Unless You’d Like to Lose Your Lunch And Then Some, The Fairest, The One Who Never Sacrifices, Is Always Sought, Always Cursed And Might Have the Longest Bloody Introduction In All of the Bloody Disc, The Million to One Chance. Aka The Lady. See: that time you lost in bingo for details.
5. Loose term, home is where the heart is, 98% of persons, places and things would argue she is in fact heartless, the other 1.9% would say it was lost in a game of keno, and the final 0.1% would say only she knows where that is, and this isn’t it.
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[ooc] table of fortune (wip) [Apr. 30th, 2007|03:53 pm]
She Who Must Not Be Named
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Ultimate Table of LuckCollapse )
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[worshop] the lady remembers [Mar. 10th, 2007|07:07 pm]
She Who Must Not Be Named
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a name that was borrowedCollapse )
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Keeper of Luck [Jan. 30th, 2007|09:14 pm]
She Who Must Not Be Named
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Good luck? Bad luck? No luck?

I want to know. :D

Well..mostly she does.

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